soulcaptor media and photography


I have always loved the imaginative thought process behind the belief among many ancient cultures that a photo or video captures the soul of the individual. I love the challenge of trying to capture the action and soul of events and people and freezing them in time for a permanent memory of that day.

Video Editing

What can I say about video editing? well basically you might want multiple cameras and can expect to take 3 days of video to produce a two minute video. On an amature level, I have put together a few music videos and covered a couple of events over the years. Check them out

Wordpress site building

Started building websites after I first started shooting skateboarding, I was out shooting a lot and figured I needed a good way to share so in 2000, I built my first website using HTML. I have since moved onto wordpress building some sites for friend in bands, yoga, photography and a few company sites as well over the years

CAD Design/Drafting

After leaving the Navy in 1990 I pulled a 2 years stint doing repo for a rent to own company, but my heart wasn't into repossessing things from people when they were falling on hard times so I quit and went to school for design/drafting, came out with an associates degree and have been at it since 1992

Windows Networking

Mainly work in Windows environment, with just enough Linux experience to be dangerous, Work with Active directory, Hyper-V and setting up and managing multiple Windows services on a variety of Virtual machines


On a personal level with my own photography, I don’t find much challenge in taking photos of any subject in static positions under preset lighting. I thrive off of the dynamics of various sports.

Video Editing

I have always had a love hate relationship with vidography As a photographer first, I have always found photos more pleasing and tend to hold more personal value to an individual or subject, where as video is too fast and fleeting but I know it has its purposes as well.. for instance

Wordpress web design

2000 was when I built my first website using html. I have since started using Wordpress because it offers lots of options and plug-ins to do some pretty cool stuff. I have done some company sites, Yoga, Photographer portfolios and band sites.


Well over 30 years now of Design/Drafting under my belt, I have worked for HVAC Temperature contol companies designing duc twork and piping layouts for commecial building. I am currently working with a Corrosion Protection firm doing the layout of mainly city water piping throughout CA, UT, AZ.

 there is a belief among many ancient cultures that a photograph captures the soul of the individual. As a photographer who has been allowed the fortunate position of capturing that split second in time of ones life has defiantly become a great honor.