I have always had a love hate relationship with vidography and video in general when it came to capturing certain types of events such as skateboarding or roller derby.

As a photographer first, I have always found photos more pleasing and tend to hold more personal value to an individual or subject, where as video is too fast and fleeting but I know it has its purposes as well.. for instance… there are many versions of inverts and airs that are beautifully caught on a single image, but on more technical tricks, board flips etc.  A single photo will never do the trick any justice.

Another love hate for the art of vidography is the time it takes in the production of video. Take hours of video, Find music, match video to music, easily put in 8+ hours for a 2-3 minute video.

But much of this love hate is probably more due to my lack of experience, as I work on video more and more I am figuring out a better workflow. but I still dont ever see me whipping out any videos as fast as I do my photography.

As I look over my videos though. One thing that always gets to me… is the great memories of the event as I was capturing it.






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