Hells Mels – Dream

On May 22, 2015 by soulcaptor

TGIF!!!! smile emoticon … Woke up this morning and wasn’t as excited about it being Friday as I was yesterday when I though11224059_10204705744898275_5486210942159183195_nt it was Friday…

But.. I did have another disturbing Derbyish dream last night… I was standing in this line to go to court when outa the blue the one and only Mel – aka Melanie Lucia aka HellsMels, aka “I am the Afterparty” comes skating up to me along with a friend of hers and informs me that they were my defense lawyers.. now if that wasn’t disturbing enough.. they are all dressed in 70s or 80s Dayglo and Neon colors Disco-ish outfits with glitter in their hair and face…almost as fast as they came to tell me that, they both skated off singing some song about “Appeal”….

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