Going to the Opera with Derby gals – Dream

On May 8, 2015 by soulcaptor

More weird derby dreams: PART TWO.

This one involved some of the HCDG girls Jacqueline Victoria Stryker Klassen, Julie Bullyjulie, Angela Roxy Knockout Kelley, Hannah Fightymighty Sisti, and Dawn Rodriguez and we were all going to the Opera. the ladies were all dressed up in nice gowns and were all ready to go.. I was wearing my typical cammo pants.. which must have been fine.. but for some reason the ladies wanted me to wear a dress shirt. I went to that Joseph A. Banks Menswear store and was looking for a dress shirt.. but all they wanted to sell me was one of those high priced Sports Professional Basket ball Tank Tops.. and I kept telling the guy that I don’t even like basketball.

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