Ok soo I said this site wasn’t about my work but more about my passion… well This page just so happens to be about my work which is also part of my passion, yes I am one of those that love my job.

I have been doing design work for well over 20 years now Drawing things like  Temperature control systems for Denver Zoo and Untied Artist Theaters throughout the US, ductwork systems for The San Diego Natural History Museum, Pipeline systems that run through the streets of San Diego and my favorite is creating precision 3D parts for assemblies then watching them come come to life and being used in production of various systems throughout the worl.

Now the reason I add this to my site is because this really says a lot about how I work with my photography, video, websites.. and damn near everything else in my life.

Never really considered myself as a right brainer.. but more of a left brainer.. much more into the technicalities of thing and lacking the artistic part… but every now and then I get lucky and they both come together.


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