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On June 30, 2015 by soulcaptor

10348699_10152239233848823_3405229126176148087_oOk, so I obviously not only fell into this once, but I did it twice… I liked Angela Roxy Knockout Kelley status and then quickly unliked it so I wouldn’t have to do this. I felt like I cheated when Roxy Called me out on it and said I was Lame… but apparently at some point I also liked Amie Rosey-Graves Dewees status.. and forgot.. so she caught me and gave me 6 things to tell what y’all may not know about me.

1. I once got into a fist fight over a girl.. I said she was my girlfriend, the other man kept insisting she was his girlfriend.. The facts of this matter was.. A. Her name was Robin.. B. I doubt she knew she was the girlfriend to either of us. C. I doubt she even knew who we were..D. I was in first grade. but I think she said hi to me once.

2. I broke my arm when I was a very young boy after falling off a horse when I lived in Trinidad Colorado. The doctor who fixed my arm Dr. Biber later in life had become a world wide famous doctor as The Leading Sex Change doctor of the world.. Yea.. google “Dr Biber Trinidad Sex change.” or something along those lines

3. I almost fell off the flight deck of the aircraft carrier I was stationed on and lost at sea… I was holding onto the safety nets above me that were suppose to be below me as I looked down seeing the ocean swiftly streaming 70some feet below my feet.

4. I was once mistaken for Keaneu Reeves when I was younger.. (she was drunk).. I was also once mistaken for Johnny Depp when I was young.. (she was very drunk for like 3 days).. and this wasn’t the ol “you look like..so-n-so” but to the point I had to convince them I wasn’t who they thought I was… except for the chick who thought I was Johnny Depp.. I bet she still walks around talking about the night she met Johnny Depp in San Francisco secretly disguised as a sailor to hide from my millions of fans?.. Oh and while we are at it.. I was also once told I looked like Norman Bates.. Go figure..

5. I once ripped the majority of my palm off my left hand while skateboarding.. and instead of cutting the chunk of skin off for fear of the pain.. I duct taped it and left it for about a week before realizing it wasn’t going to heal itself by fusing back together..It really was less painful cutting it off after it became dried and dead.

6. My friend Keith Montague and I were “asked”/ordered to do a walk on part for the movie Flight of the Intruder which neither of us really wanted to do… so we tried to sabotage the scene by putting a bunch of subliminal stuff on our helmets.. I won’t be able to prove this.. since they obviously reshot the scene .. damn those editors are good

and for the record.. I once met orval redenbacher and his son.. yes the both wore bow ties.

Now supposedly if you like my status I am suppose to give you a number.. and you are suppose to do the same as I did… I will tell you right now..depending on how im feeling.. your number can easily be a 1.. or a 100.. that’s a chance you will have to take

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