soulcaptor has come about via the many projects of interest I have taken up over the years or even decade now which include Design Drafting, Photography, Videography and Website building.

A lot of these projects have been one learning process after another that have come about doing one thing that just led into a natural progression of a combination of interest that all tied together, coming from years of skateboarding I gained an interest in photography which led to wanting to share this photography via websites (this was before facebook came about)... and recently my love hate relationship with videography.

I dig on people and things that are broken, battered and bruised but never beaten held together by duct tape, bungee cords, wire ties and band-aids. Sprinkle in a little rust and blood with spots of black and blue for color and we are set…

This site isn't trying to sell anyone anything or any types of Services in Photography, Video or Web Design because frankly if I had to do any of these things for work, it would take the fun out of it..

If it isn't fun, then it isn't worth doing.


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